Top Current Affairs Quiz | Latest Current Affairs Quiz | 4rd December 2018

Top Current Affairs Quiz | Latest Current Affairs Quiz | 4rd December 2018

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1) Which State becomes the second state to adopt pan-India women helpline?
a) Nagaland b)  Mizoram c) Assam d) Manipur
Answer: Nagaland
Nagaland becomes the second state to adopt pan-India women helpline

.Nagaland turned into the primary state in the Northeast and second in the nation, after Himachal Pradesh, to dispatch a container India single crisis number '112' under the Emergency Response Support System (ERSS). The dispatch concurred with the state's development day and the debut day of the 2018 release of the Hornbill Festival. The Union Government has assigned Rs 321.69 crore under the Nirbhaya Fund for the execution of the ERSS venture the country over. Nagaland alone has been allotted Rs 4.88 crore for the task. The Justice Verma Committee, in the background of the sad Nirbhaya occurrence in December 2012, recommended for the usage of the 'Crisis Response Support System' (ERSS) crosswise over India.

2) Which and Which between country to ink MoU for projects in third countries?
a) India, Japan  b) UAE, China c) India, Nepal d) India, UAE
Answer: India, UAE
India, UAE to ink MoU for projects in third countries

India and UAE out of the blue will sign a reminder of comprehension (MoU) to set up ventures in third nations starting with Ethiopia amid Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj's continuous visit to the Gulf nation. This will be India's second third-nation venture in Africa after Delhi and Tokyo amid their October yearly summit chose to set up a doctor's facility in Kenya. Outer Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will likewise introduce a Gandhi-Zayed Digital Museum in Abu Dhabi to check the festivals of 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi's introduction to the world and century festivities of the introduction of Shaikh Zayed, author of the advanced UAE.

3) When is IPL auction to be held in Jaipur on?
a) December 17 b) December 15 c) December 18 d) December 20
Answer: December 18
IPL auction to be held in Jaipur on December 18

The player sells off for the 2019 Indian Premier League (IPL) season will happen on December 18 in Jaipur. Upwards of 70 players including 20 abroad, cricketers will be up for snatches for the eight establishments, who are left with an aggregate handbag of ₹145.25 crore. Yuvraj Singh was discharged by KXIP while Delhi Daredevils let go of Gautam Gambhir.

4) Which country passport tops the Global Passport Power Rank 2018?
a) USA b) UK c) India d) UAE
Answer: UAE
UAE passport tops the Global Passport Power Rank 2018

According to the evaluations discharged by Passport Index, the United Arab Emirates has topped the Global Passport Power Rank 2018, rising as the nation with the most ground-breaking international ID in the world. UAE international ID holders would now be able to travel to 113 nations without a visa, and 54 others with a visa-on-entry. Singapore and Germany position second with 166 nations. India positioned 66th in Global Passport Power Rank 2018.

5) When is India celebrates the Indian Navy Day?
a) December 5, d)  December 4, c) December 3, d) December 6
Answer: December 4
India celebrates the Indian Navy Day on 4th December

The Indian Navy Day is praised on December 4 consistently to recognize Operation Trident, an assault on the Karachi harbor amid the Indo-Pakistan war in 1971. The Indian Navy is the fifth biggest on the planet, utilizing 67,109 workforces. The Indian Navy has three directions: Eastern Command headquartered in Vishakhapatnam, Western Command in Mumbai, and Southern Command in Kochi. The Navy works in 66 bases under the Commands. It works three classes of submarines: Chakra (under which is the atomic fueled INS Chakra), Sindhughosh, and Shishumar. Marine Commandos or MARCOS, some portion of an exceptional unit of the Navy, are made to experience a painful preparing which just 10% of the learners effectively entire.

6) Punjab cabinet approves international airport near in which city?
a) Amritsar b) Ludhiana c) Jalandhar d)  Patiala
Answer: Ludhiana
Punjab cabinet approves international airport near Ludhiana

The Punjab Cabinet affirmed the setting up of another universal common terminal at Indian Air Force (IAF) Station, Halwara 32 km from Ludhiana. The terminal will be together created by the state government and Airports Authority of India (AAI). While AAI would have a larger part stake of 51 percent, the Punjab Government, through the Greater Ludhiana Development Authority (GLADA), will have a 49 percent stake in the venture. The state as of now has two purposeful airplane terminals at Mohali and Amritsar.

7) Yes, Bank appoints Who as an independent director to the board?
a)  Rana Kapoor b) Ajai Kumar c) T.S Vijayan d) Pratima Sheorey
Answer: T.S Vijayan
Yes Bank appoints T.S Vijayan as an independent director to the board

Truly Bank delegated T.S Vijayan, previous Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) executive, as an autonomous chief on the leading body of the private part manages an account with prompt impact. The board was shaped by the bank to choose the successor of its MD and CEO, Rana Kapoor, whose present term closes on January 31. He was the main outside part in the pursuit and determination advisory group. He has been allowed a five-year term. Mr.Vijayan's arrangement comes after a spate of acquiescences from the board which raised worries over corporate administration rehearses among speculators. Three board individuals had surrendered in November. With the present arrangement, the board currently has eight individuals.

8) Who is  won Indias first international medal in ultra running?
a) Ullas Narayana b) Jagdish Singh c) Akhil Kumar d)  Akhil Kumar
Answer: Ullas Narayana
Ullas Narayana won Indias first international medal in ultra running

Ullas Narayana turned into the principal Indian individual decoration victor in a global ultra running occasion by winning bronze in the 2018 International Association of Ultra Running (IAU) 24 Hour Asia and Oceania Championships in Taipei, Taiwan. Ultra races comprised of running over to a great degree long separations which are any longer than the conventional races. They are challenged in 2 distinct kinds of race modalities: over a set separation or a set time.

9) Who is the first Indian to be elected in ISSF judges committee?
a) Saurabh Chaudhary b) Pawan Singh c) Manjit Singh d) Arpinder Singh
Answer: Pawan Singh
Pawan Singh is the first Indian to be elected in ISSF judges committee

Pawan Singh is likewise the Joint Secretary General of National Rifle Association of India (NRAI). He was a previous mentor of the Indian shooting group. Individuals from the managerial gathering of ISSF cast a ballot to choose the panel, at the races held at Munich. The Judges Committee comprises of a Chairman and 7 individuals. It is in charge of the uniform use of shooting rules.

10) World Bank unveils USD how much billion in climate action investment for 2021-25?
a) USD 300 b) USD 250 c) USD 500 d) USD 200
Answer: USD 200
World Bank unveils USD 200 billion in climate action investment for 2021-25

World Bank revealed USD 200 billion in atmosphere activity venture for 2021-25, adding this adds up to a multiplying of its present five-year subsidizing. The move harmonizes with a UN atmosphere summit in Katowice (Poland). The breakdown of 200 billion dollars would involve roughly 100 billion in the direct fund from the World Bank. Around 33% of the rest of the subsidizing will originate from two World Bank Group organizations with the rest private capital assembled by the World Bank Group.

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