Top Current Affairs Quiz | Latest Current Affairs Quiz | 3rd December 2018

Top Current Affairs Quiz | Latest Current Affairs Quiz | 3rd December 2018

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1) Which company most valuable First US company?
a) Apple b) Google c) Microsoft d) IBM
Answer: Microsoft
Microsoft passes Apple to become the most valuable company

Microsoft has outperformed Apple as the most important US organization with a market estimation of about $812 billion. Apple's market top was about $1 billion less. In August 2018, Apple turned into the primary US organization with a $1 trillion valuation. Under CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has made a years-in length wager on distributed computing. This has situated Microsoft as one of the two overwhelming players - alongside Amazon (AMZN) - in a quickly developing business sector and pushed the organization to its first $100 billion deals year.

2) Centre approves release of Rs How much crore to Tamil Nadu as relief?
a) 350 b) 353 c) 375 d) 354
Answer: 353
Centre approves the release of Rs 353 crore to Tamil Nadu as the relief

The Center has affirmed the arrival of Rs 353.70 crore to Tamil Nadu as help for the harm caused by Cyclone Gaja on November 15 and 16, amid which 12 areas of the state were extremely influenced. Further, help will be given from the National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF), in light of the last report of the Inter-clerical Central Team (IMCT).

3) Which and which Country declare 90-day halt to new tariffs?
a) India and U.S. b) India and Japan c) China and U.S. d) Canada and U.S.
Answer: China and U.S.
China and U.S. Country declare 90-day halt to new tariffs

China and the United States have consented to stop new levies as the two countries participate in exchange chats with the objective of achieving an assertion inside 90 days, the White House declared after US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping held high-stakes talks in Argentina G20 summit. Mr. Trump concurred not to support taxes on US$200 billion (S$274 billion) of Chinese products to 25 percent on Jan 1 as recently declared. The US has forced levies on $250 billion in Chinese merchandise, and China has reacted by forcing obligations on $110 billion in US products.

4) IOC sets up What committee starting in 2024?
a) Human advisory b) Human rights advisory c)  rights advisory d) None of these
Answer: Human rights advisory
IOC sets up human rights advisory committee starting in 2024

The International Olympic Committee IOC has set up a warning advisory group on human rights led by Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein, the previous United Nations official for human rights beginning in 2024. President Thomas Bach said Saturday at gatherings in the Japanese capital that "human rights models" will be incorporated into Olympic host-city contracts starting with the 2024 Olympic in Paris. Bach recommended the board of trustees would concentrate on issues like the privileges of transgender competitors. Bach was inquired as to whether the panel would see human rights in China, where the decision Communist Party has been scrutinized for the internment of a huge number of Muslims in western China. Beijing is the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics and spent USD 40 billion.

5) Who is appointed as MD and CEO of  Bank of Maharashtra?
a) AS Rajeev b) Dinabandhu Mohapatra c) P. S. Jayakumar d) Jai Kumar Garg
Answer: AS Rajeev
Bank of Maharashtra appoints A.S. Rajeev as MD and CEO

The 54-year-old recently filled in as the Executive Director of Indian Bank and had additionally been the CFO of Vijaya Bank. He will hold the situation for a time of three years or till further requests, whichever is prior.

6) NASA what to launch?
a)  Space Station Crew b) VISIONS 2 c) Lander Arrives d) None of these
Answer: VISIONS 2
NASA to launch VISIONS 2 to image Earths leaky atmosphere

NASA is set to dispatch VISIONS-2 rocket to get a more intensive take a gander at the how the world's climate is spilling into space. The VISIONS-2 mission, Visualizing Ion Outflow by means of Neutral Atom Sensing-2, is planned to be propelled on December 4. Understanding climatic break on earth has applications everywhere throughout the Universe, from foreseeing which planets may be livable, to sorting out how Mars turned into a devastating scene. A sounding rocket makes brief, directed flights into space before falling back to Earth only a couple of minutes after the fact. Sounding rockets are one of a kind among logical shuttle for their prevalent finesse. They can be trucked to remote areas, where they are pointed and shot into brief occasions, similar to the sudden arrangement of the aurora borealis, immediately. The aurora borealis is of unmistakable fascination to the VISIONS-2 group, however not only for its powerful shine. The aurora play is central drivers during the time spent air escape, whereby planets, including Earth, step by step release their climate into space.

7) Who is Former US President passed away?
a) Bill Clinton b) George W. Bush c) George W. Bush d) Jimmy Carter
Answer: George W. Bush
Former US President George HW Bush passed away at 94

George HW Bush ended up the 41st leader of the United States in 1989 in the wake of filling in as VP under Ronald Reagan. His child, George W. Bramble was likewise chosen the president and served two terms somewhere in the range of 2001 and 2009. George HW Bush managed the finish of the Cold War and steered Saddam Hussein's Iraqi armed force yet lost a possibility for a second term subsequent to breaking a no-new-charges vow.

8) Which company gets RBI approval for subsidiary?
a) State Bank of Mauritius b) Indian Bank  of Mauritius c) Axis Bank  of Mauritius d) ICICI Bank  of Mauritius
Answer: State Bank of Mauritius
State Bank of Mauritius gets RBI approval for subsidiary

Mauritius based SBM gathering conceded a permit by Reserve Bank of India to work SBM Bank (India) Limited through Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS) mode under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 with impact from December 1, 2018. Presently at present SBM work its branches in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Ramachandrapuram since 1994. It intends to open six new branches in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur by one year from now.

9) Which country to host G20 summit in 2022?
a) China b) United States of America c) Russia d) India
Answer: India
India country to host G20 summit in 2022

India is to have the yearly G20 summit in 2022 as it will praise its 75th commemoration of Independence. This will be India's first time to have the G20 summit. The declaration was made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the end function of the thirteenth G20 summit in the Argentinian capital on first December 2018. The Prime Minister expressed gratitude toward Italy to enable India to play the host as it was to have the summit in 2022.

10) Who is president of Mexico?
a) Enrique Peña Nieto b) Ricardo Anaya c) Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador d) José Antonio Meade
Answer: Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador
Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador is president of Mexico

He progressed toward becoming as President and consented to an arrangement with three Central American partners to make an arrangement to stem the stream of vagrants looking for a haven in the USA.

11) Who has inaugurated the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland?
a) Venkaiah Naidu b) Rajnath Singh c) Arun Jaitley d) Amit Shah
Answer: Rajnath Singh
Rajnath Singh inaugurated the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland

Association Home Minister Rajnath Singh introduced the 10-day-long Hornbill Festival of Nagaland at Naga Heritage Village Kisama on first December 2018. In excess of 60,000 individuals have visited the Hornbill Festival. The partner executive of Tourism division (Statistics) T. Khakihe Sumi said that by and large 63,032 guests with 780 nonnatives have visited the beautiful setting. The debut day had 19,953 guests. The check expanded up to 43,079 on the second day of the celebration. The guests were treated with social exhibitions from the nation over including Odisha, Assam, Manipur, Madhya Pradesh, Meghalaya and Jammu, and Kashmir.

12) When is the World Computer Literacy Day?
a) December 2 b)  December 3 c) December 4 d) December 5
Answer: December 2
December 2 is the World Computer Literacy Day

In 2001, World Computer Literacy Day which falls every year on December second expects to control the computerized partition that exists on the planet today. The Day intends to expand attention to this 'partition' and increment access to data innovation for burdened networks.

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