Current Affairs 2018 | Current Affairs Quiz 6 Nov 2018

Current Affairs 2018  | Current Affairs Quiz  6 Nov 2018

1) Reliance company what launches 6 Nov 2018?
a) Reliance Coin b) Blockchain c) Payment app d) None of these
Answer: Blockchain
Reliance gets LC payment through Blockchain, a first for an Indian company

Reliance receives India's 1st LC payment via blockchain
HSBC Holdings has dead a trade finance dealings to Reliance Industries Ltd.
The payment was created via Blockchain to RIL for Associate in Nursing export to US-based Tricon Energy.
The letter of credit (LC) dealings done via Blockchain greatly reduces the time taken (from 7-10 days unremarkably to only one-day victimisation Blockchain technology).

2) RBI, what process to set up for capturing all details of borrowers?
a) Digital Public Credit Registry b) Digital Credit Registry c) Public Credit Registry d) None of these
Answer: Digital Public Credit Registry
RBI starts the process to set up the Public Credit Registry for capturing borrowers' details of borrowers

RBI starts method to line up digital Public Credit written record for capturing all details of borrowers
The banking company has initiated steps to line up a wide-based digital Public Credit written record (PCR) to capture details of all borrowers.
The details can embrace wilful defaulters and unfinished legal suits.
The aim of the move is to see monetary delinquencies.
The PCR also will embrace knowledge from entities like market regulator Sebi, the company affairs ministry, product and repair Tax Network (GSTN) and also the economic condition and Bankruptcy Board of Asian nation (IBBI).
This will alter banks and monetary establishments to urge an entire profile of existing and prospective borrowers on a period of time basis.

3) Odisha Naveen Patnaik CM what launches?
a) Money Policy b) Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing Policy c) health Policy d) None of these
Answer: Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing Policy
Odisha CM launches Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing Policy

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik launched the Odisha part and Defence producing Policy 2018.
The aim is to any the method of industrialisation through the promotion of part and defence producing enterprises.

4) Who is person World record with  13th World Championship gold?
a) Simone Biles b) Gernot Bruckmann c) Oleg Shpolianskii d) Dmitriy Samokhvalov
Answer: Simone Biles
Simone Biles sets world record with 13th World Championship gold

Simone Biles set a record for many ranges of gymnastic gold medals, having picked up her thirteenth sports gold.
The USA jock won her thirteenth career decoration at the globe sports championships in Doha, Qatar.

5) The Union Government on November 5, 2018, what approves operationalisation?
a) Operation Yellow b) Operation Greens c) Operation Red d) Operation Pink
Answer: Operation Greens
Government approves operationalisation strategy for Operation Greens

The Union Government on November 5, 2018, approved the operationalisation strategy for Operation Greens to make sure convenience of tomato, onion and potato throughout the country around the year while not value volatility.
Operation Greens was declared within the Budget speech of 2018-19 with Associate in the Nursing outlay of five hundred large integer rupees to stabilise the availability of tomato, onion and potato crops.
Approving the measures, Food process Industries Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal aforesaid, value volatility of those crops wreaks disturbance within the households of this country.
She any aforesaid that this can be a revolutionary theme, that has been evolved once sustained dialogue with all stakeholders.
The Minister additionally aforesaid that the govt. has arranged down special measures and grants-in-aid below the theme to make sure increased production of those crops.

6) How much of automated accounts in US Twitter removed?
a) 500 b) 2000K c) 1000K d) 4500K
Answer: 1000K
Twitter removes thousands of automated accounts in the US

In the US, Twitter has removed thousands of machine-driven accounts that were posting tweets encouraging voters to sit down out of the nation’s crucial midterm elections.
A statement from the social media company browses that it had removed a series of accounts for partaking in tries to share misinformation in an automatic fashion.
Twitter aforesaid it appeared the account network was run out of US, however, didn't offer details on however the accounts worked.
For months, Twitter has sought-after to eliminate machine-driven and bastard accounts designed to govern the general public spoken communication on its platform.

7) Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on November 5, 2018 BhubaneswarMe What launched?
a) Wi-Fi b) bus c) tower d) None of these
Answer: Wi-Fi
BhubaneswarMe Wi-Fi' launched

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on November 5, 2018, launched the 'BhubaneswarMe Wi-Fi’ by Bhubaneswar good town restricted to form the town accessible across its major happening places.
On a primary day, a hundred hotspots set in major locations with 275 access points (APs) went live.
One wi-fi hotspot would be able to handle a hundred and fifty users at a given purpose of your time and also the net speed is on the market at a pair of megabytes per second (MBPS).
There will be no charge on knowledge usage for voters after they access government services through this network. Besides, access up to 250 MB of knowledge is free for any user on a given day.
After the consumption of the free 250 MB daily knowledge, someone would be needed to log in and select a payment arrangement for resulting use. 'BhubaneswarMe Wi-Fi' can offer terribly cheap high up plans for the users.
A person ought to be inside a minimum of three hundred m reach of the access purpose to log in to the network.

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