Current Affairs 2018 | Current Affairs Quiz 5 Nov 2018

Current Affairs 2018  | Current Affairs Quiz  5 Nov 2018

1) India's first indigenous what's up created by IIT- Madras?
a) Mobile Phone ‘Shakti’ b) Microprocessor ‘Shakti’ c) Motherboard ‘Shakti’ d) None of these
Answer: Microprocessor ‘Shakti’
India’s first indigenous microprocessor ‘Shakti’ created by IIT-Madras

The Indian Institute of Technology Madras has created India’s 1st and autochthonous microchip, that has been named ‘Shakti’.
The chip is often used for wireless and networking systems, further as for mobile computing.
An ASCII text file high-level synthesis language, Bluespec, was utilized in creating the chip.

2) Indian Coast Guard launches What's up ICGS Varaha?
a) New Offshore Patrol Vessel b) New Vessel c) New Patrol Vessel d) None of these
Answer: New Offshore Patrol Vessel
Indian Coast Guard launches new Offshore patrol vessel ICGS Varaha

The Indian Coast Guard has launched a brand new offshore patrol vessel named ICGS Varaha from a company workplace close to a city.
ICGS Varaha has been designed and designed indigenously.
ICGS Varaha can before long be fitted with advanced navigation and communication system, sensors and machinery.
The weapons fitted on board can embody thirty-millimetre guns with preparation Systems.

3) Who is honoured with the education award?
a) Malala Yousafzai b) Joe Kingsley Eyiah c) Anand Kumar d) None of these
Answer: Anand Kumar
Super 30 founder Anand Kumar to be honoured with an education award

Founder of Super thirty, scientist Anand Kumar is awarded for his pioneering contributions to the sphere of education and for illuminating the lives of the many proficient students.
Kumar is given with ‘Global Education Award’ by Malabar Gold & Diamonds, the flagship company of Malabar cluster.
Super thirty has helped students from poor backgrounds crack IIT entrance exams by providing free food, lodging, and training.
More than five hundred such students have created it to totally different IITs since the origin of Super thirty in 2002.

4) When is 3rd Ayurveda Day celebration across India?
a) November 3, 2018, b) November 5, 2018, c) November 2, 2018, d) None of these
Answer: November 5, 2018
3rd Ayurveda Day observed across India

The piece of writing Day was ascertained across the Asian nation on the day, 2018 on the occasion of the Dhanawantari Jayanti or Dhanteras with an associate aim to any promote piece of writing because of the thought system of drugs.
The theme of the third piece of writing Day was “Ayurveda for Public health”. Every year, the Ministry of AYUSH observes a piece of writing Day on the occasion of Dhanawantari Jayanti (Dhanteras).
Ayurveda is perceived collectively of the well-documented systems of drugs, equally relevant in the contemporary world. hindrance of sickness and promotion of health is that the main aim of a piece of writing. Lord Dhanvantari is taken into account as the divine propagator of the piece of writing. He holds the virtues of granting health and wealth.

5) Who honours Google Doodle predicted the impact of the Internet?
a) Michael Dertouzos b) Jimmy Wales c) Sergey Brin d) Ruth Porat
Answer: Michael Dertouzos
Google doodle honours Michael Dertouzos, who predicted the impact of the Internet

Google Doodle paid tribute to the man of science Michael Dertouzos on his 82nd birthday.
The doodle shows Dertouzos with a chalk in his hand, facing aloof from a blackboard. This image is flanked by a few different little photos of computers and networks.
He foresaw, however, the web would impact the lives of everyday individuals and even foretold the recognition of private computers.
Michael king Dertouzos was a Greek academic within the departments of technology and computing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Director of the University Laboratory for computing from 1974 to 2001.
He helped to maximize the potential of computers at university.

6) who is state Speaker resigns?
a) Andhra Pradesh, K. Siva Prasad Rao b) Assam, Hitendra Nath Goswami c) Gujarat, Rajendra Trivedi d) Mizoram, Hiphei
Answer: Mizoram, Hiphei
Mizoram Speaker Hiphei resigns

Mizoram Speaker Hiphei resigned from his post from the House further because of the Congress.
He would be part of the BJP, simply 3 weeks previous the Assembly elections.
The seven-time Congress lawgiver submitted his resignation letter to Deputy Speaker R. Lalrinawma UN agency accepted it.
He is the fifth Congress MLA to resign from the 40-member House since Sep 2018.
Mizoram, the sole State within the north-east underneath Congress rule, can attend the polls on Nov twenty-eight. 2018.

7) India to How Much loan for Zimbabwe power plant given?
a) $350 Mn b) $250 Mn c) $310 Mn d) $150 Mn
Answer: $310 Mn
India to extend $310 m loans for Zimbabwe thermal power plant

India on weekday proclaimed that it might extend a $310 million loan to the Republic of Zimbabwe to finance a rehabilitation project for a thermal power station that may entail upgrading the station and lengthening its life.
The decision was taken throughout a gathering between VP M Venkaiah Naidu and Republic of Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa and delegation-level talks between senior officers of the 2 countries here, TS Tirumurti, Secretary (Economic Relations) within the Ministry of External Affairs, aforesaid whereas informing media on the deliberations.

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