Top Current Affairs Quiz | 29 November 2018

Top Current Affairs Quiz | 29 November 2018

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1) Who is appointed as Chairman of UPSC?
a) Chandrashekhar Oak b) Arvind Saxena c)  Rajnath Sing d) Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar
Answer: Arvind Saxena
Arvind Saxena appointed as Chairman of UPSC

Saxena will have a residency till August 7, 2020, when he accomplishes the age of 65 years. He has been filling in as acting leader of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) since June 20. He assumed control charge from Vinay Mittal who had finished his term. Saxena joined the UPSC as a part on May 8, 2015. Before joining the UPSC, he was functioning as an executive of the Aviation Research Center (ARC).

2) Maharashtra approves How much Percent Maratha quota?
a) 18% b) 20% c) 22% d) 16%
Answer: 16%
Maharashtra approves 16% Maratha quota

The Maharashtra gathering has consistently affirmed 16% booking for the Maratha people group in employment and instructive organizations. Following this, the aggregate reservation in the state for OBC, SC/ST gatherings, other minor social gatherings, and the Marathas will be 68%. The administration made a different classification called Socially and Educationally Backward Class (SEBC).

3) BCCI announces two-year ban for what frauds?
a) Age b) Match Fixing  c) A and B Both d) None of the Theses
Answer: Age
BCCI announces two-year ban for age frauds

From the 2018-19 season, any cricketer who is discovered blameworthy of altering his/her date of birth will be precluded and banished from taking an interest in any BCCI competition for a time of 2 years i.e. 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons. Prior, a cricketer confronted a boycott of one year. In September, the BCCI had prohibited a Meghalaya-bound Delhi player, Jaskirat Singh Sachdeva, for delivering a phony birth endorsement to play in an Under-19 competition.

4) Electric cars set to replace diesel, petrol vehicles in which State offices?
a) Gujarat b) Andhra Pradesh c) Chhattisgarh d) Telangana
Answer: Telangana
Electric cars set to replace diesel, petrol vehicles in Telangana State offices

The Telangana government workplaces are soon to clear a path for electric autos as the State goes for advancing non-contaminating vehicles. The administration has gotten the Electric Mobility Policy 2018-2023 to empower the utilization of sans carbon vehicles. It has tailed it up by marking with the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). The EESL on a fundamental level has consented to put an astounding Rs.10,250 crore in the State to secure 1,00,000 vehicles. The State has looked for help from two car organizations, the Mahindra and the Tata and Sons, to give 100 vehicles previously the finish of December. The two mark electric vehicles, the Mahindra Verito, and the Tata Tiger can be accused of six hours of AC charger and an hour and a half with DC charger and can go for 100-110 km. It is normal that the presentation of electric vehicles could give brilliant answers for the worries over expanding carbon outflows and a clear route for cleaner urban communities, aside from ascending in fuel costs. It is assessed that 2.5 kg of carbon and 60 grams of nitrogen are discharged for each liter of diesel. There is an ascent in the occurrence of lung malignant growth and respiratory maladies.

5) CSIR To Establish What Development Centre In Chandigarh?
a) ITI b) High-End Skill c) Industrial Training Institutes d) Indian Telephone Institutes
Answer: High-End Skill
CSIR To Establish A High-End Skill Development Centre In Chandigarh

CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology (CSIR-IMTECH) reported another association with Merck, a main German science and innovation organization, to build up a 'Top of the line Skill Development Center' in CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh. This 'Top of the line Skill Development Center' will advance abilities by directing workshops, training and course arrangement on bleeding edges life science procedures, apparatuses, and methods.

6) Who is of India Receives the First Copy of the book Making of New India?
a) Prime Minister b) President  c) Minister d) None of these
Answer: President
President of India Receives the First Copy of the book Making of New India

The book is altered by the patriot think-tank Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation (SPMRF) and individuals from the Niti Aayog: Dr. Bibek Debroy, Dr. Anirban Ganguly and Shri Kishore Desai. The book contains 51 expositions on topics going from economy to discretion, training to general wellbeing. The book attempts to expand on how the administration has embarked to understand the vision of a New India.

7) International Gita Festival to be held from Which day December in Kurukshetra?
a) 6-22 b) 5-20 c) 7-23 d) 4-30
Answer: 7-23
Global Gita Festival to be held from Dec 7-23 in Kurukshetra 

The International Gita Festival, 2018, will be sorted out in Kurukshetra in Haryana from December 7-23, in which Mauritius will be the accomplice nation and Gujarat the accomplice state. Around 200 popular painters from the nation over would reach Kurukshetra to draw artistic creations on the dividers of Kurukshetra on the subject of the Mahabharata under the 'paint-the-divider' rivalry. The target behind this occasion is to spread the message of Gita to the world.

8) RBI launches What on India's startup sector?
a) Survey b) analysis c) inquiry d) None of these
Answer: Survey
RBI launches a survey on India's startup sector

Save Bank of India (RBI) propelled a Survey on India's startup area (SISS) with an undertaking to make a profile of the startup division in India and give measurements identifying with turnover, productivity, and workforce. In an ongoing NASSCOM-Zinnov report titled "Indian Start-up Ecosystem 2018: Approaching Escape Velocity,", India has developed as the third biggest startup center on the planet. As indicated by the report, Bangalore, Delhi-NCR and Mumbai are the best urban communities which have seen a huge development in new businesses, with Bangalore getting to be one of the quickest developing innovation startup centers.

9) IIT-Bombay graduates launch Indias first advanced personal what for kids?
a) Robot b) Car game c) Kids Mobile games d) None of these
Answer: Robot
Miko 2 IIT-Bombay graduates launch Indias first advanced personal robot for kids

Alumni of Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay (IIT-B) who are Co-originators of a start-up called Emotix have propelled India's initially cutting-edge individual robot Miko 2 for Kids. IIT Bombay graduates Sneh Rajkumar Vaswani alongside his batchmates Prashant Iyengar and Chintan Raikar have established the Tech start-up Emotix. Miko 2 is India's previously best in a class robot that can see, hear, sense, express, talk, perceive faces, recollect names, Identify inclinations and start a discussion.

10) Logix India 2019 will be held in Which city?
a) Bangalore b) Mumbai c) Hyderabad d) New Delhi
Answer: New Delhi
Logix India 2019 will be held in New Delhi

'Logix India 2019', which will be held from January 31 to February 2, 2019, in New Delhi. The occasion is gone for enhancing coordination cost adequacy and operational efficiencies for India's Global Trade. Positioned 44 in the World Bank Logistics Performance Index 2018, coordination costs in India are 13-15 percent of the item cost, while the worldwide normal is six percent.

11) Which movies won the Golden Peacock award at the 49th IFFI?
a) Donbass b) Menashe c) Cyborgs d) Ice
Answer: Donbass
Donbass won Golden Peacock award at the 49th IFFI

Donbass, a Ukrainian movie coordinated by Sergei Loznitsa, won the pined for Golden Peacock grant at the 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) at Panaji, Goa on 28th November. The honor conveys a money prize of Rs.40 lakh, a trophy, and a reference. The film recounts the account of a crossover war occurring in Eastern Ukraine, including an open equipped clash close by killings and burglaries executed on a mass scale by dissident groups. In Donbass, war is called harmony and promulgation is expressed as truth. Lijo Jose Pellissery won the Silver Peacock for Best Director for the Malayalam movie Ee.Ma.Yau, a shocking parody of death and how it influences human lives.

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