Current Affairs 2018 | Current Affairs Quiz 17 Nov 2018

Current Affairs 2018  | Current Affairs Quiz  17 Nov 2018

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1) Tajikistan inaugurated what?
a) Regional University b) Rogun hydro-electric dam c) Saudi Cultural Days d) Ceremony of Kyrgyzstan’s
Answer: Rogun hydro-electric dam
Tajikistan inaugurated Rogun hydro-electric Dam

Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon set the main turbine of the Rogun hydroelectric dam in movement at a function gone to by thousands to check the most recent turning point in this driven $3.9-billion task including Salini Impregilo to twofold the nation's vitality generation.
President Rahmon looked as the rotor of Unit 6 became animated in the dam's capacity house within the sight of government authorities and remote dignitaries, including World Bank Vice President, Europe, and Central Asia Cyril Muller, Italian Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Manlio Di Stefano and Salini Impregilo Chief Executive Pietro Salini.
Unit 6 is the first of six turbines being introduced at the dam. With each having a limit of 600 megawatts (MW), the aggregate introduced limit will, in the long run, be 3,600 MW, equivalent to three atomic power plants. This immense limit will make Rogun the most amazing hydroelectric dam in Central Asia.
Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon initiated a USD 3.9 billion hydroelectric power plant, a super undertaking that will empower the devastated nation to wipe out local vitality deficiencies and fare power to Afghanistan and Pakistan. Based on the Vakhsh River in southern Tajikistan, the plant is relied upon to achieve a stature of 335 meters (1,099 feet) in 10 years, turning into the world's tallest hydroelectric dam. It will twofold vitality creation in the nation of almost nine million individuals, lightening a durable, crippling national vitality shortfall. Surplus vitality will be sold to neighbors, for example, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan.

2) China has built a What?
a) Artificial Sun b) Amazing Car c) Amazing Robot d) Artificial Moon
Answer: Artificial Sun
China has built an 'artificial sun' that reaches temperature six times

China manufactures a 'Counterfeit Sun' multiple times more sizzling than Sun's center.
China has manufactured a 'counterfeit sun' that achieves temperature multiple times that of the center of our nearest star.
The cutting-edge reactor is intended to imitate the procedures of the sun as a feature of a task to transform hydrogen into practical efficient power vitality.
It achieved a key point of reference this week when it hit 180 million F (100 million C) out of the blue, which is accepted to be the temperature at which atomic combination happens.
Researchers over the globe have secured a race to construct the world's first operational atomic combination reactor.
The victor will open a wellspring of close boundless clean vitality worth billions that some accept could spare the planet from the environmental change emergency.

3) Definition of what changed after nearly 130 years?
a) Kilometer b) Kilogram c) Voltage Meter d) None of these
Definition of "kilogram" changed after nearly 130 years

Scientists on Friday reliably cast a poll to reexamine kilogram, leaving the platinum amalgam barrel considered in Paris in 1889. Reconsidered by the Planck enduring, the new system chooses the unit of mass through the electrical power anticipated that would check the greatness of a kilogram on a Kibble balance. The movements will end up compelling from May 20, 2019, World Metrology Day.

4) India broke rules on sugar subsidies which country tells WTO?
a) Australia  b) Pakistan c) China d) Canada
Answer: Australia

Australia has educated the World Trade Organization that India's yearly appropriations to sugarcane makers have surpassed permitted limits. Australia said India's help for makers should be topped at 10% of the estimation of generation, however, it paid somewhere in the range of 77.1% and 99.8% since 2011. India caused a "critical downturn" in world sugar costs and harmed Australian makers, it included.

5) The AI-based system that can create in What developed?
a) Fake Fingerprints b) Fake Software c) Fake Facebook Id d) Fake Govt Document
Answer: Fake Fingerprints
An AI-based system that can create fake fingerprints developed

American specialists have built up an AI-based framework that can deliver counterfeit fingerprints by replicating a scope of fractional fingerprints. The AI-produced fingerprints, named 'DeepMasterPrints', can sidestep biometric ID frameworks, the analysts guaranteed. The DeepMasterPrints repeated 23% of fingerprints in a framework that as far as anyone knows has a blunder rate of one out of a thousand.

6) Mark Zuckerberg lost How Much in wealth since the record in July?
a) $50 Billion b) $31 Billion c) $25 Billion d) $15 Billion
Answer: $31 Billion
Mark Zuckerberg lost $31 billion in wealth since the record in July

American long-range interpersonal communication mammoth Facebook's Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg's fortune has fallen more than $31 billion from its crest on July 25. The 34-year-old who as of late was the world's third-most extravagant individual is presently positioned 6th on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index with total assets of $55.3 billion. So far this year, Zuckerberg has lost $17.4 billion. 

7) Who is would join as senior vice president for Google Cloud?
a) Thomas Kurian b) Diane Greene c) Sundar Pichai d) Eric Schmidt
Answer: Thomas Kurian
Kerala-born former Oracle product chief named the head of Google Cloud

Google has declared that Kerala-conceived previous Oracle item boss Thomas Kurian will supplant Diane Greene as leader of the organization's cloud division. Kurian surrendered from Oracle following 22 years in September purportedly after conflicts with Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison over Oracle's cloud business. Kurian will join Google Cloud on November 26 and expect the influential position in mid-2019. 

8) Over how much fast track courts to come up under the Nirbhaya Fund?
a) 1000 b) 500 c) 1023 d) 750
Answer: 1023

The administration on Friday affirmed the setting up of 1,023 quick track uncommon courts to discard pending instances of assault of ladies and youngsters under the Nirbhaya Fund. In March, the administration affirmed a venture to make eight 'safe urban communities', with an extraordinary spotlight on ladies' wellbeing, under the store. The undertaking was relied upon to cost over ₹2,900 crore.

9) What hospital opens in Mathura in India first?
a) Elephant b) Snake c) Fish d) None of these
Answer: Elephant
Indias first elephant hospital opens in Mathura

India's originally particular healing facility for elephants was introduced by Agra Divisional Commissioner Anil Kumar in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura area - Churmura town. It offers laser treatment, hydrotherapy, isolate offices and has a therapeutic derrick to lift elephants. It likewise has a perception deck that enables veterinary understudies and assistants to watch elephants' conduct. 

10) Railways plans to establish What?
a) Railway Job coaching class b) Medical Colleges c)  Business Colleges d) ITI Colleges
Answer: Medical Colleges

The Indian Railways (IR) plans to set up therapeutic schools to offer postgraduate courses for specialists at 10 of its current healing facilities crosswise over India. The proposition has been cleared by the Railway Board and it sits tight for the endorsement of Medical Council of India (MCI). The Railways will likewise sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will neighborhood schools and colleges. The MoU is to offer just postgraduate courses, General MD (Doctor of Medicine), for specialists. IR is as of now instructing more than 250 understudies for Diplomate National Board Course in seven Central clinics. These clinics are a piece of the ten chosen doctor's facilities by IR. The shortlisted doctor's facilities incorporate nine Central healing facilities and one Divisional clinic, including the Northern Railways Central Hospitals, Eastern Railways Central Hospitals, Southern Railways Central Hospitals, North Eastern Railways Hospital, Western Railways Central Hospitals, and the Kharagpur Divisional Hospital.

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