Current Affairs 2018 | Current Affairs Quiz 13 Nov 2018

Current Affairs 2018  | Current Affairs Quiz  13 Nov 2018

1) Which company co-founder, CEO Binny Bansal Steps down?
a) Nykaa b) IndiaMART c) Snapdeal d) Flipkart
Answer: Flipkart
Binny Bansal resigns as CEO of Flipkart

Flipkart co-founder, business executive Binny Bansal steps down
Flipkart co-founder Binny Bansal on Nov thirteen, 2018 proclaimed his resignation because of the business executive of the cluster, effective instantly.
The statement more scan that Bansal’s call follows Associate in Nursing freelance investigation done on behalf of Flipkart Associate in Nursing Walmart into an allegation of significant personal misconduct. although he powerfully denies the allegation, even so, the businesses shared that they'd a responsibility to confirm the investigation was deliberate and thorough.
The decision came to light-weight once Flipkart and Walmart discharged a press release informing constant.  The statement scan, "Earlier nowadays, Binny Bansal proclaimed his resignation as the business executive of Flipkart cluster, effective instantly. Binny has been a vital a part of Flipkart since co-founding the corporate, however recent events risked turning into a distraction and Binny has created a call to step down.”

2) Who dies Marvel Comics legend at 95?
a) Martin Goodman b) John Nee c) C. B. Cebulski d) Stan Lee
Answer: Stan Lee
Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee is dead at 95

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee is dead at 95 Stan Lee, the creator of a number of the foremost enduring characters and stories from Marvel Comics, has died at the age of 95. The news is confirmed by The Hollywood newsman, following informed earlier confirmation, via Lee's female offspring, from TMZ.

3) India’s Department of Biotechnology, Wellcome Trust of UK complete How much years of partnership?
a) 9 Years b) 10 Years c) 8 Years d) 5 Years
Answer: 10 Years

India’s Department of Biotechnology, Wellcome Trust of Britain complete ten years of partnership
The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) beneath the Union Ministry of Science and Technology and also the Wellcome Trust (WT) of the UK on Nov twelve, 2018 celebrated ten years of their joint partnership at an incident in the Indian capital.
The DBT and Wellcome Trust together support a three-tier fellowship programme on medical specialty analysis at the post-doctoral level. The partnership was proclaimed in 2008. The aim of putting in place the fellowship together with Wellcome Trust was to form a system reminiscent of the most effective within the world, taking the Asian nation on the trail of turning into a pacesetter in key areas of life sciences and medical specialty analysis.

4) Government approves constitution of What boards of Governors for IIMs on 12 November 2018?
a) Old b) New c) Both d) None of these
Answer: New
Government approves constitution of new boards of Governors for IIMs on 12 November 2018.

The Union Government on Nov twelve, twenty18 approved the method of constitution of recent boards of Governors for 20 IIMs as per the IIM Act 2017.
The approval for the constitution of the new boards for IIMs has been given in consultation with the Union Ministry of Law and Justice. the method is in accordance with the provisions of Section ten of the IIM Act of 2017. The IIM Act could be a historical step of the govt that for the primary time provided comprehensive autonomy to the upper instructional establishments.
The process of constitution of the primary boards would begin with 3 Ex-officio members, UN agency can choose the chairman, UN agency shall unremarkably be the present chairman and would tend the complete term beneath the new Act (except wherever there are problems with ineligibility).

5) National Government sets up National what?
a) Data Repository b) Internet Repository c) Data 5G Repository d) None of these
Answer: Data Repository
The government sets up the state-of-the-art National Data Repository

The Union Government has established a state of -the- art National information Repository. the knowledge was shared by Union crude Minister Dharmendra Pradhan whereas speaking at the metric weight unit Carbons Roadshow programme in United Arab Emirates's capital.
The repository could be a info of all the geo-scientific information of organic compound resources within the country. He further that it's equipped with with-it technology and can offer prepared access to interested firms.
With the introduction of the National information Repository, the Asian nation has joined the league of states like Britain and Norway that have a National information Repository for the upstream sector.

6) Indian Navy - Indonesian Navy bilateral exercise Which begins?
a) Ground Shakti b) Samudra Shakti c) Jala Shakti d) Air Shakti
Answer: Samudra Shakti
Indonesian Navy Bilateral Exercise ' Samudra Shakti'

Indian Navy - Indonesian Navy bilateral exercise ‘Samudra Shakti’ begin
INS Rana of the jap Fleet primarily based at Visakhapatnam beneath the jap service Command is on preparation to South East Asia and found out the port of Surabaya to participate within the inaugural edition of Indian Navy – Indonesian Navy Bilateral Exercise 'Samudra Shakti' scheduled from twelve to eighteen Gregorian calendar month eighteen.

7) 17th AEC Council Meeting held in Which country?
a) Australia b) Brazil c) Singapore d) France
Answer: Singapore
17th AEC Council Meeting held in Singapore.

The seventeenth Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic Community (AEC) Council Meeting was a command in Singapore yesterday as a part of the thirty-third Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit and connected Summit conferences.
Apart from taking stock of regional economic integration efforts throughout the year, the meeting reiterated ASEAN’s commitment to free and open trade by deepening the mixing of its economies and realizing the executive agency Blueprint 2025.
The meeting was attended by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Economic Ministers and executive agency Ministers.
They signed the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Agreement on e-Commerce, finished the Association of Southeast Asian Nations trade Services Agreement (ATISA) and Finalised the Fourth Protocol to Amend the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Comprehensive Investment Agreement (ACIA).
The agreements can facilitate produce a lot of contributing atmosphere for the expansion of e-Commerce within the region through advancing trade rules in e-Commerce and increase bigger digital property in Association of Southeast Asian Nations.
The ACIA agreement can introduce stronger commitments prohibiting the imposition of performance needs on investors and facilitate Association of Southeast Asian Nations stay competitive investment destination.

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