Current Affairs 2018 | Current Affairs Quiz 12 Nov 2018

Current Affairs 2018  | Current Affairs Quiz  12 Nov 2018

1) UN World Food Programme, What Group form a strategic partnership to eliminate hunger?
a) World Food organization b) Food and Agriculture Organization c) Google Food Organization d) Alibaba
Answer: Alibaba
UN World Food Programme Alibaba, Group WFP form a strategic partnership to eliminate hunger by 2030

The global organization World Food Programme and Chinese e-commerce large Alibaba cluster have shaped a strategic partnership to support efforts eliminate hunger globally by 2030.
WFP executive David Beasley ANd Alibaba Partner and Chairman of the Alibaba Foundation Sun Lijun signed an agreement at Alibaba's headquarters in an urban centre, China.
Alibaba can lend its fashionable technology and resources to support digital transformation of WFP’s operations.
The agreement additionally aims to spice up the potency of interventions and shorten emergency response times.

2) Which company relaxes ECB norms of infrastructure companies?
a) SBI b) RBI c) HDFC d) ICICI
Answer: RBI
RBI relaxes ECB norms for infrastructure companies

The banking concern has liberalised the norms governing foreign borrowings (also called external industrial borrowings or ECBs) for infrastructure creation.
The move has been created in consultation with the govt.
The minimum average maturity demand for ECBs within the infrastructure area raised by eligible borrowers has been reduced to 3 years from the sooner 5 years.
Additionally, the common maturity demand for obligatory hedging has been reduced to 5 years from the sooner 10 years.

3) What restoration project wins UNESCO award?
a) Ellora Caves b)  Sun Temple c) Ladakh d) Ajanta Caves
Answer: Ladakh
Ladakh restoration project wins UNESCO award

The restoration project of AN blue-blooded house that was in AN exceedingly in a very state of partial ruin in Ladakh has won a UN agency Asia-Pacific award for conservation.
The Ladakh project won the Award of Distinction underneath the UN agency Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

4) Which State government bans fish imports for 6 months?
a) Goa State b) Kerala State c) West Bengal State  d) Andhra Pradesh State
Answer: Goa State
Goa govt to introduce a six-month ban on fish import

Goa government bans fish imports for six months
The Goa government on Nov ten, 2018 declared a ban on import of fish into the state for 6 months.
The move comes against the scene of a scare within the coastal state that solution, a possible cancer-causing chemical, was being employed to preserved fish.
Goa Health Minister Vishwajit Rane declared the ban and same that its length might be extended by another six months, if needed, until measures to visualize the standard of fish area unit in situ within the state.
The authorities are prohibition fish imports for the second time this year, the sooner one, for fifteen days, having been declared by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar in July.
The ban at the time was upraised once the govt introduced border checks for trucks transfer fish into Goa.

5) Which and which countries sign agreement on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters?
a) India, Morocco b) India, Canada c) India, Egypt d) India, France
Answer: India, Morocco

India, Morocco sign Agreement on Mutual Legal help in Criminal Matters
India and Morocco on Nov twelve, 2018 signed AN Agreement on Mutual Legal help in Criminal Matters in the city. 
The agreement was signed by Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home on behalf of the Union Government and Mohamed Aujjar, Minister of Justice on behalf of the Moroccan Government.
The Agreement can strengthen bilateral cooperation with Morocco and enhance effectiveness and supply a broad legal framework for bar, investigation and prosecution of crimes, also as in tracing, restraint and seizure of funds meant to finance terrorist acts.
During the language, each the nations reiterated their resolve to together counter the threats expose by union crime and coercion. 

6) Largest apparel manufacturing unit of Which state becomes operational?
a) West Bengal b) Delhi c) Haryana d) Meghalaya
Answer: Meghalaya

Largest attire producing unit of Meghalaya becomes operational
Meghalaya's largest attire producing unit close to Ampati has started production once remaining idle for nearly 2 years.
Located at Hasil in South West Garo Hills and covering a locality of forty-five,000 sq feet, the attire manufactory was originally established at a price of Rs fourteen.26 large integer by the Union Ministry of Textiles.
However, the unit remained idle for nearly 2 years because the agencies that the unit was allotted to didn't meet their commitment to start out production.
The centre was created operational once the varsity of support and Rural Development (SLRD) took over the centre in Sept 2018.
The SLRD may be a development agency with operations across four regions of the country and has experience in talent development, market integration and rural development.
The production work has finally begun and can be ramped up little by little to fulfil the market demand in an Asian country and Bangladesh.

7) PM Narendra Modi inaugurates what in Varanasi?
a) Inland Multi-Modal Terminal Port  b) Multi Inland Port c) Port Terminal d) None of these
Answer: Inland Multi-Modal Terminal Port

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Nov twelve, 2018 inaugurated AN midland Multi-Modal Terminal Port on stream Ganga at Ramnagar in Varanasi. 
Constructed at the value of Rs 207 large integer, this midland waterways terminal is that the initial of the four Multi-Modal Terminals being made on National Waterways-I on stream Ganga as a part of the planet Bank-aided Jal Marg Vikas project of the Midland Waterways Authority of the Asian country. the opposite 3 terminals area unit underneath construction at Sahibganj, Haldia and Gazipur.

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