Current Affairs 2018 | Current Affairs Quiz 10 Nov 2018

Current Affairs 2018  | Current Affairs Quiz  10 Nov 2018

1) Which Country between to mark 25 years of SIMBEX with grand military drills?
a) India and China b) India and Singapore c) India and Japan d) India and Iran
Answer: India and Singapore
Simbex Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise to be held off Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal

India, Singapore to mark twenty-five years of SIMBEX with grand military drills
A record variety of military hardware - craft, ships, and submarines - are collaborating during this year's maritime bilateral exercise between the Singapore and Indian navies, the Ministry of Defence aforementioned on Sat (Nov 10).
Now in its twenty-fifth year, the Singapore-India Maritime Bilateral Exercise (Simbex) can feature concerning thirty collaborating air, ocean and underwater assets from the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and therefore the Indian Navy within the Bay of geographic region and therefore the Andaman Sea.
The exercise, that starts from Sat till November twenty-one, can see sailors from each navy train along in live firing exercises and service warfare drills. Senior navy officers from Singapore and Asian country will build official calls to the opposite facet.

2) Who is appointed as CCI Chairperson?
a) Dhanendra Kumar b) Sudhir Mital c) Ashok Kumar Gupta d) None of these
Answer: Ashok Kumar Gupta
Ashok Kumar Gupta appointed as CCI Chairperson replacing Sudhir Mital

The Competition Commission of an Asian country (CCI) on Friday aforementioned Ashok Kumar Gupta, a retired IAS officer of the 1981-batch state cadre, has been appointed as its new chairwoman, commutation Sudhir Mital.
"Appointments Committee of the cupboard appoints Ashok Kumar Gupta IAS (TN: 1981) (Retd) as chairwoman in Competition Commission of the Asian country," honest trade regulator CCI aforementioned during a tweet.
Gupta could be a Post-Graduate publicly Administration from Syracuse University (USA) and holds a Master of Philosophy in Defence and Strategic studies from Madras University.
He has worked in varied capacities in several Ministries and Departments as well as Defence, Health and Family Welfare, trade and Commerce, tiny Scale Industries, Urban Development, Personnel, and Shipping.

3) Worlds first Indian woman amputee to scale Everest gets an honorary doctorate in UK  Who?
a) Arunima Sinha b) Lhakpa Sherpa c) Kami Rita Sherpa d) Santosh Yadav
Answer: Arunima Sinha
Arunima Sinha, world's first woman amputee to scale Everest, now has a doctorate in the United Kingdom

Arunima Sinha, 30, was bestowed with the unearned doctor's degree by the University of Strathclyde at a graduation ceremony in an urban center on Tues.
LONDON: Arunima Sinha, the Indian mountaineer UN agency became the world's initial lady unfortunate person to climb Mount Everest in 2013, has been awarded associate unearned doctor's degree by a prestigious UK university for her sacred achievements.
Ms. Sinha, 30, was bestowed with the unearned doctor's degree by the University of Strathclyde at a graduation ceremony in the urban center on Tues.
She was honored within the Barony Hall for her sacred achievements in the climb.

4) China What  UAV CH7 unveils most advanced stealth?
a) Fighter Jet b) Advanced robot c) Drone  d) Samurai Ship 
Answer: Drone 
UAV CH7: China's Most advanced stealth drone unveiled.

China's new-generation stealing combat remote-controlled aerial vehicle (UAV) CH-7 was unveiled  on Monday at the Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai
China's new-generation stealing combat UAV CH-7 debuted on Monday at Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai, South China's state. Photos: Courtesy of China Academy of part mechanics
China's new-generation stealing combat remote-controlled aerial vehicle (UAV) CH-7 was unveiled on Monday at the Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai, South China's state, thought of the foremost advanced drone that China has developed.
Shi-Wen, the chief engineer and designer of China's Caihong (CH), or Rainbow UAV series, told the world Times on Monday that "the performance of the CH-7 in several areas is way higher than the US-made RQ-170, and quite near to the RQ-180."
The CH-7 makes China the second country, following the US, to supply high-altitude long-endurance combat UAVs with advanced penetration capabilities, Shi said.

5) Saudi bans what country Muslims from Hajj pilgrimage?
a) Israeli Muslims b) Kuwait Muslims  c) United Arab Emirates Muslims  d) Pakistan Muslims
Answer: Israeli Muslims
Change in Saudi Policy Prevents Over One Million Israeli Muslims From Making Hajj to Mecca.

Saudi bans Israeli country Muslims from hadj journeying
Israeli voters may rest perform the journeying with a short-lived Jordanian passport. in step with a brand new rule out Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such passports can now not be recognized.
Over 1,000,000 Israeli Muslims are prohibited from getting into the dominion and so unable to perform the journeying to Mecca, one amongst the 5 pillars of Islam, due to a Saudi call to vary its passport rules. This comes as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has praised Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman and talked up the importance of maintaining the regime's stability.

6) What mushrooms can produce electricity?
a) Shiitake Mushrooms b) Common Mushroom c) Lion's Mane Mushroom d) Bionic Mushrooms
Answer: Bionic Mushrooms
Bionic mushroom: Researchers create a fungus that generates electricity.

Researchers produce 'bionic mushroom' that produces electricity. Scientists printed during a study printed Wed a "bionic mushroom" capable of manufacturing its own electricity. To do this, researchers used blue-green algae, a bacterium with a blue-green color that makes its energy through a chemical process, like plants.

7) When is National Legal Services Day?
a) November 10 b) November 08 c) November 09 d) November 07
Answer: November 09

Legal Services Day is well known once a year on ninth of Gregorian calendar month altogether the state's Authorities. At nowadays form of legal acquirement camps and functions are organized at several places within the capital town of the country. folks from government moreover as non-government organizations participate within the functions and camps associated with the Legal Services Day.
The ninth of Gregorian calendar month is chosen because the Legal Services Day that was initial started by the Supreme Court within the year 1995 all across the Asian country to supply facilitate and support to the weaker and poor cluster of sections of individuals which can be girls, disabled persons, regular Tribes, children, regular Castes, human trafficking victims moreover as natural calamities victims.

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