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Current Affairs 25 Oct 2018  | Current Affairs Quiz Questions

Current Affairs 25 Oct 2018  | Current Affairs Quiz Questions

1) Which is the ministry to develop parameters to certify Yoga professionals?
a) Health Ministry b) Family Welfare Ministry c) Ayush Ministry d) None of these
Answer: Ayush Ministry

 The Chairman of the committee and Yoga Guru Ramdev aforesaid the theme aims at certifying the competency of yoga professionals and establishments meeting the prescribed standards. 
Around a pair of to three hundred thousand individuals following yoga is going to be given certificates within the next four years. 
Instructors, trainers, academics and masters square measure the classes within which individuals are going to be given certificates.

2) Which are the largest military maneuvers begins in Norway?
a) Nato's b) Mato's c) Aato's d) None of these
Answer: Nato's
NATO's biggest military maneuvers begin in the Scandinavian country

NATO's biggest military maneuvers began in Scandinavian country that involves restoring the Scandinavian country's sovereignty when associate degree attack by a "fictitious aggressor.
 Russia, that shares a border with the Scandinavian country, was briefed by North Atlantic Treaty Organization on the shaft Juncture 2018 drill and invited to observe it, however capital of the Russian Federation remains infuriated by the exercise.
 Russia's Defence Minister had warned that the capital of the Russian Federation might be forced to reply to raised North Atlantic Treaty Organization activity close to its western border.
The wargames collect around 50000 personnel from all twenty-nine North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies, and partners European nation and Scandinavian nation.

 Around sixty-five vessels, a hundred and fifty craft and ten,000 vehicles will participate within the drill.

3) In what place Is genocide still taking place?
a) Israel b) Indonesia c) Brunei d) Myanmar
Answer: Myanmar
Genocide still going down in Myanmar: world organization investigator

 world organization investigators say kill remains going down against Rohingya Muslims remaining in the Asian nation.
Marzuki Darusman, chair of the world organization investigative mission on Asian nation, aforesaidthousands of Rohingya square measure still fleeing to Bangla Desh.
Those that have stayed back when last year's brutal operation within the Buddhist-majority country, still suffer the foremost severe, restrictions and repression.
 Yanghee Lee, the world organization special investigator on human rights in the Asian nation, aforesaid she thinks the chemist Peace Prize laureate and former prisoner Suu Kyi "is in total denial" regarding accusations of military atrocities.

Suu Kyi's government has rejected freelance international investigations into the alleged abuses and has commissioned its own probe.

4) In Which City Global Agriculture Leadership Summit 2018 opens?
a) Bangalore b) New Delhi c) Mumbai d) Chennai
Answer: New Delhi
Global Agriculture Leadership Summit 2018 opens in the capital of India.

The world Agriculture Leadership Summit 2018 opened in the capital of India.
The theme of the 2-day summit is, 'Connecting Farmers to Market'.
 Inaugurating the summit, Secretary Agriculture and Co-operation Sanjay Agrawal same many measures are being taken to double farmers' financial gain by 2022.
 Quoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Agrawal same, sensible strategy, adequate resources, and sensible governance are crucial to attaining the target.

 Pioneer of India's revolution faculty member MS Swaminathan was conjointly gifted on the occasion.

5) Railways what app to be launched on 1 November?
a)UTS b) SAARTHI c) A and B d) None of these
Answer: UTS
Railways’ UTS app to be launched on one Gregorian calendar month

The railways ‘UTS mobile’ app for purchasing unreserved tickets online is launched nationwide on Hallowmass, 2018.
 it had been initially launched in the metropolis as a result of an oversized range of individuals travel in locals.
once metropolis, it had been started in Delhi-Palwal and metropolis town.

 As of currently, the railway has already enforced the theme in fifteen of its zones.

6) what Government constitutes to look into sexual harassment at the workplace?
a) MoG b) GoM c) UoM d) None of these
Answer: GoM
Government constitutes GoM to seem into harassment at a geographic point

The Union Government on a day, 2018 legitimate a four-member cluster of Ministers (GoM) to look at and strengthen the present legal and institutional frameworks for coping with matters of harassment of girls at the geographic point.
According to official notification, the cluster of Ministers is headed by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. The GoM has been legitimately seeable of the felt want for broader consultation on the problem, from the purpose of reading of developing acceptable recommendations and birth down a comprehensive set up of action and for making certain its time-bound implementation.

7) Bank of Baroda (BoB), Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank on October ___, _____ decided to constitute internal committees.
a) 24, 2017 b) 24, 2018 c) 24, 2016 d) None of these
Answer: 24, 2018
Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank, Dena Bank to line up internal committees to merge operations

Bank of Baroda (BoB), Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank on the day, 2018 set to represent internal committees to assist integrate the functions of the banks before the merger happens.
These committees embody committees on credit, human resources (HR) and data technology. The committees can comprise the Chief govt Officers (CEOs) and govt administrators of all the 3 banks.

The banks conjointly set to appoint 3 separate values to mend the swap ratios of the merger. The appraiser appointed by one bank also will value the opposite 2 banks, before a standard quantitative relation is acquired.

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