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1) PM Modi, to launch What started portal for IT professionals on Wednesday?
a) Hum Main Nahin b) Main Nahin Hum c) A and B d) None of these
Answer: Main Nahin Hum
PM Modi to launch 'Main Nahin Hum' portal for IT professionals on weekday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on United Nations Day, 2018 launched the 'Main Nahin Hum' portal and mobile application. The launch was conducted whereas the PM interacted with IT and electronic producing professionals across Asian country through video-conferencing.
According to a political candidate notification, PM Modi interacted with key trade leaders and addressed a gathering consisting of IT professionals and workers of IT and electronic producing organizations from concerning one hundred locations across the state.
The 'Main Nahin Hum' portal would work on the theme 'Self4Society'. it'll modify IT professionals and organizations to pile up their efforts towards social causes on one platform.
The portal is anticipated to assist catalyze larger collaboration towards the service of the weaker sections of society, particularly by leverage the advantages of technology. it's additionally expected to come up with wider participation of interested people that square measure is driven to figure for the good thing about society.

2) Nepal launches what bus service in Kathmandu?
a) electric  b) Air c) A and B d) None of these
Answer: Electric
Nepal launches electrical public utility in the national capital.

Nepal has introduced electrical buses on the roads of its capital town national capital with Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli emphasizing on the operation of such vehicles to agitate the shortage of crude merchandise within the land-locked country.
Prime Minister Oli inaugurated the electrical public utility by traveling on the bus from Pulchok-based Sajha Yatayat premises to the Prime Minister's workplace at Singha room Secretariat.

3) Which is a meeting between countries conduct the first trilateral meeting on Chabahar port?
a) India Srilanka Japan b) Indonesia Thailand Singapore c) India, Iran, Afghanistan d) Vietnam Malaysia Iran
Answer: India, Iran, Afghanistan
India, Iran, Asian country conduct a 1st trilateral meeting on Chabahar port

the primary trilateral meeting between the Republic of India, Asian country and Persia of the Coordination Council of the Chabahar agreement transpire on October twenty-three, 2018 in the national capital.
The Indian delegation was junction rectifier by Secretary (Economic Relations) TS Tirumurti, whereas Deputy Ministers of Transport of an Asian country and Persia junction rectifier their delegations.
elaborated discussions were control between the 3 sides on full operationalization of the trilateral agreement for international transit and transport through Chabahar Port.
All the 3 nations shared the read that full operationalization of trilateral Chabahar initiative can promote the property and economic development of Asian country and therefore the region.
the following meeting of the Coordination Council is controlled in the Republic of India within the half of 2019.

4) UAE designate how many to terrorist list on Oct 24?
a) 9 b) 8 c) 5 d) 4
Answer: 9
UAE designates 9 men to terrorist list

The UAE on the day, 2018 named 9 people to be enclosed on its list of terrorists and terror organizations.
The names embrace Mohammad Ebrahim Owhadi, Esma’il Razavi, Abdullah Samad Farouqi, Mohammad Daoud Muzzamil, Abdul Rahim Manan, Mohammad Naim Barich, Abdul Aziz crowned head Zamani, Sadr Ibrahim and Hafiz Abdul Majid.
The move reflects the UAE's determination to disrupt all terror-related networks and also the sponsors of terrorist activities.
As a part of a collective step, all member states of the Terrorist funding Targeting Centre (TFTC) have selected the 9 names to be enclosed on their lists of terrorists and terrorist organizations.
The resolution is an element of the action being taken by the member states of the TFTC, that embrace the GCC countries and also  U.S. The TFTC is co-chaired by the U.S. and also the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

5) Which of countries is their strengthen their strategic and bilateral relations?
a) India and Nepal b) India and UAE c) India and China d) None of these
Answer: India and UAE
India and UAE resolve to any strengthen their strategic and bilateral relations
strengthen their strategic and bilateral relations.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and prince of United Arab Emirates's capital, Arab chief Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on Gregorian calendar month twenty-three, 2018 spoke relating to any advancing the historical and strategic relationship ties between the 2 counties.
the 2 leaders, through a telecommunication spoken language, reaffirmed their strong strategic partnerships and determination to develop their bilateral relations to the upper smart of their individuals.
the 2 leaders additionally changed insights over AN array of international and regional problems, with stress on the newest developments within the geographical area region.

6) Who is secretary of Department of Consumer Affairs?
a) Shri Avinash K. Srivastava b) Shri Anil Bahuguna c) Shri Ram Vilas Paswan d) None of these
Answer: Shri Avinash K. Srivastava

7) What is the country that made the world's sea long bridge?
a) USA b) India c) China d) Japan
Answer: China
China is the country that made the world's sea long bridge

China formally opened the world’s longest ocean bridge on Tues when China’s leader, Xi Jinping, and native officers inaugurated the 34-mile structure, that crosses the Pearl stream Delta to link urban center with possession and also the earth Chinese town of Zhuhai.

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