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Current Affairs 23 Oct 2018  | Current Affairs Quiz Questions

Current Affairs 23 Oct 2018  | Current Affairs Quiz Questions

1) Prime Minister of which country issues a national apology to victims of child sex abuse?
a) Afghanistan b) Belgium c) Australian d) Denmark
Answer: Australian
Australian PM problems national apology to victims of kid sex abuse

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has issued a national apology to victims of kid sex abuse in AN address to Parliament, acknowledging that the state didn't stop, what he termed, evil dark crimes committed over decades.
Morrison told the Parliament in an exceedingly nationwide televised address that acts like these area unit done by Australians to Australians, enemies within the inside.

2) Created a new policy to help women and farmers in which state in India?
a) Odisha Government b) Manipur Government  c)Assam Government   d) Jammu & Kashmir Government
Answer: Odisha Government
Odisha to create a new policy to assist girls and farmers

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has asked authorities officers to order a replacement and innovative policy to assist girls and farmers become entrepreneurs.
Patnaik gave the instruction on Gregorian calendar month twenty whereas he was reviewing the state for the following 'Make in Odisha' meeting, scheduled to start in Bhubaneswar on Veterans' Day.
The chief minister asked all department heads to border a selected policy so as to encourage the entrepreneurs, each from Bharat and abroad, to speculate within the state.
The chief minister additionally asked the state Chief Secretary to apprise him concerning the framing of the new investment policy at the earliest

3) Indian Army undertakes to challenge ____ day sailing expedition.
a) 45 b) 30 c) 15 d) 25
Answer: 45
Indian Army undertakes a difficult 45-day sailing expedition

The Indian Army has undertaken a difficult wind sailing expedition from Haldia on the geographical region up to Porbandar on the west.
The expedition, 'Round the Indian Peninsula' being unionized by EME Sailing Association, Secunderabad was flagged off by general officer Paramjit Singh, Commandant, Military faculty of physical science and technology, from Haldia.

4) Who is the Parliamentary panel to examine the functioning of EPFO?
a) Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu b) Gokaraju Ganga Raju c) Kirit Somaiya d) Rameswar Teli
Answer: Kirit Somaiya
Parliamentary panel to look at the functioning of EPFO

A parliamentary panel can examine the functioning of old-age pension body staff Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), its coverage and recovery of arrears.
BJP MP Kirit Somaiya.

5) Between which countries sign an agreement on security cooperation?
a) India and China b) Pakistan and China c) American and Russia d) Russia and India
Answer: India and China
Sign agreement on security cooperation India and China

The first India-China high-level meeting on bilateral security cooperation was controlled in national capital.
The two sides mentioned problems with mutual interest, together with bilateral cooperation on counter-terrorism.
The agreement on security cooperation was signed India’s Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, and State Councilor and Minister of peace of China, Zhao Kezhi.

6) How much is India's position in the pension plan?
a) First b) the Second c) sixth d) Fourth
Answer: Second
India ranks 2d last in pension schemes

India has emerged because the second lowest among thirty-four countries providing retirement financial gain systems with smart advantages, in keeping with the Melbourne Mercer world Pension Index.
India has been placed into the Grade-D section and is with Japan, China, Korean Peninsula (South), Mexico and Argentina.
The Netherlands and Scandinavian country each provide A-Grade foremost retirement financial gain systems with smart advantages.

The report reveals that the aging population has continuing to cause challenges to the governments worldwide.

7) Which of the following agreements with Russia of America end treaty?
a) Import and Export b) Nuclear Arms c) A and B  d) None of these
Answer: Nuclear Arms
The US is ending decades-old nuclear arms accord with Russia

President Donald Trump proclaimed Sabbatum that America is coitus interruptus of the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces accord with Russia, a decades-old agreement that has drawn the ire of the President
Russia has desecrated the agreement. they have been violating it for several years," Trump told reporters before boarding Air Force One to depart Nevada following a campaign rally.

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